Source Code Release 0.0.2 (current release)
  • Bug fixes, Business logic fixes.
  • Plugin authorization for Business Units.
  • Lucene Search Engine Integration.
  • Ability to display or hide address and map on Contact Form
  • Ability for Administrator to Edit HtmlContent & WikiPages from page itself.

Source Code Release 0.0.3 (future)
  • Bug fixes, Business logic fixes.
  • Mobile Theme. (implemented)
  • Additional Themes. (being implemented)
  • Theme Registration. (implemented, upload function needs to be performed by sysadmin on server)
  • Generate Sitemap dynamically for Webmaster Tools (implemented)
  • Contact Form.
    • Opt-in (implemented)
    • Pre-Populated Subject & Message text. (Implemented)
    • Additional HTML area for configured rich text
  • Forums Plugin.
    • Forum|Folder|Post|Comments hierarchy
    • Forum creation should be allowed for BU Admin & Domain Admin.
    • Allow only registered users to post/comment?
    • File uploads (not for now, security concerns)
    • Requirements

Source Code Release 0.0.4 (future)
  • Bug fixes, Business logic fixes.
  • Blog
  • Additional Themes
  • Simple Contacts Browser (Admin Tool)

Eventually (some day)

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